Dev Journal: Maps in Apps

Yeah I’m posting more gifs. Sorry, not sorry.


Read some more of that book last night. Still not sure what to do about everything.

8:54 AM

Calling the doctor now just to see if my old prescription helps out at all again. One of the problems with medication is that I don’t know if it really works if I skip so many days. I often skip taking any prescription about 1/3 of the days of the week. Consistent habits are not easy for me.

9:05 AM

OK, only on hold for 5 minutes that time. Got things sorted out.

Time to catch up on slack…

9:43 AM

Mushroom growing from start to finish.

10:01 AM

The US Army operated A Small Nuclear Power Plan in Greenland in the 1960s

10:38 AM

Mapbox in react isn’t rendering the base-map tiles. It seems like maybe I’m getting some sort of authentication error using the mapbox api. I’m gonna drop this customized map component and just use the base library components.

11:21 AM

Success! Got the react native app to render a map with the same large GeoJSON object in a webview and compare it with a map rendered a native map component.

video demo

I would say, that on my iPhone SE2 from 2020, the interactions is roughly equally good. The line drawing isn’t as clear in web-view as in the native component.


I should try to compare raster tile layer performance too.

12:57 PM

Doing some planning for a hackathon in 2 weeks. Gotta figure out the scope of what we will tackle. I’ve done a lot of miro planning for this developer portal already, but don’t want to overwhelm people with everything in my mind. I tend to run on ahead and then I expect people to get annoyed if I’ve thought too far ahead of where we are at in a project — this might be one of those strengths of ADD that I need to learn to capture and not be ashamed of.

1:01 PM

My wife brought me a salad for lunch. Thank you dear.


2:21 PM

Great conversations about frontend architecture. On the surface we were talking about shared state management and offline syncing functionality. One of the classic hard problems is cache invalidation. But more deeply the question came up, how do I help other frontend developers communicate and listen to the other devs that rely on their expertise. What is the wedge that’s drving these developers apart. How do we improve our listening and empathy as an organization…