ADHD Dev Journal: Dentistification

Going to the dentist today to fill a cavity.

bear brushing teeth

Spent time trying to write a node CLI tool script to simulate web calls to my time tracking app, and failed to get authorization cookies to stick around. So annoying. I don’t want to build a whole fake authentication lifecycle, but that’s probably the best option since there’s no real API. Well, their API “documentation” doesn’t have any details on auth tokens.

I thought I could add a custom menubar app to my mac that allowed me to track my time and stay on focus better. It’s a classic way of spending time on a productivity tool instead of being productive. It’s amazing that after a few weeks of not doing much coding I have to go back to documentation for things that I’m sure I had memorized before.


Now I’m reading about magnetic-confinement for fusion. Fusion energy, man! Such an exciting mad-scientist type of thing to think about.

the sun

I want to lay out all the areas of work in my big project on the whiteboard and think about a cascade of issues that need to be solved. I enjoy zooming out on the problems more than writing code some days. If I do that for too long then I swing back and then just want to write code. It’s hard to do any one thing for too long.

Wow that was a really unfocused day. I had such a hard time getting anything useful done. We had a sick kid that messed up our sleep last night. Maybe that was the problem. It’s hard have days like this where my mind wandered so much. I need to find ways to apply my energy towards useful things.