Living in, and Podcasting from Kathmandu

Rebecca and I, and our boys, are traveling and living in Kathmandu, Nepal — until later this spring. It’s an opportunity to travel and experience the world, and see what kinds of things God might have in store for our future. One reason I am excited is because I have met an interesting and inspiring tech company here and talk to local developers about UX and frontend dev practices.

We have even played around with recording podcasts for our friends and family back home.

I’ve taken a break from updating this blog for a long while. There has been way too much that’s happened in my life to even begin unloading it here. Blogging doesn’t feel as safe and fun as it used to. Sometimes I think that it’s too easy to overshare on the internet these days. I have always thought of this blog as an interesting archive of some “snapshots” of my life, but it will never be a complete or accurate picture of me… so what is my blog’s purpose?

So, it’s weird that I’m experimenting with podcasting now. It’s been 12 years since I had my college radio show. But, here we are. Podcasts are pretty fun and a quick way to get a lot of information out quickly to friends and family who want to know what’s going on.

I’ll probably post a new article about the technical details of how we podcast, next.